An Illustration TCG


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What is a TCG?

Online Trading Card Games are similar to the trading cards you knew as a child. Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive! Interested in joining? Check out the rest of this section before moving on to the join form!

Trade Post

Before you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also know as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards--at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

The Cards

Mint features art and illustrations from various Anime, Manga, Video Games and more.
At the moment, we have regular card decks, which consist of 20 cards each, and have a card worth of 1, and special card decks, which consister of 15 cards each, and have a card worth of 2. Member Cards are worth 0.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a card managed such as eTCG, you will need to set the deck type to 'Puzzle' when collecting a deck to make it display correctly.

Example Cards - Do not take these.

Levels & Level Ups

When you join Mint, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels. The requirements for each level are posted here. The rewards for leveling up are 1 regular card(s) of choice, 2 random regular cards, and 1 random special cards

Level 1001-150
Level 2151-300
Level 3301-500
Level 4501-700
Level 5701-900
Level 6901-1150
Level 71151-1400
Level 81401-1650
Level 91651-1900
Level 101901-2200


Once you have collected all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every regular card deck you master, you receive 2 regular (not special) card(s) of choice, 3 random regular cards, and 1 random special cards

Mastering a special card deck will get you 2 regular OR special card(s) of choice, 3 random regular cards, and 1 random special cards

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