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New Staff! - 14th March

New Members: Vaini, Iambox, Cici, Raie, Jack, Jaga... Welcome!
Quit: Maitland - sorry to see you go :C
Level Ups: Ajisaitea (2), Samichan (2), Jessica (3), ets (2), Vanja (2), Sarah (2), Dohma (2), Hotaru (2), momo (2), Evey (2), xxing (2), Styx (2), Aku (2), Sumie (2), Kearin (3), Dite (2) ... Grats!
Masteries: Ajisaitea (alchemy), Renako (awakening, exorcist, magica), Mysti (bravely, ruin, hydeland), Vanja (wardens, blancetnoir), Dohma (psypher), ets (paradise, neighbour), Kearin (fakelove, babylon, rainbownotes, psypher, magica), Dite (wardens, inquisition), Mousey (maison, genesis), momo (thief, bloodlust), Styx (amaterasu), Hotaru (bladechildren), Aku (sengoku)
Referrals: Muffy (1), Mysti (1) - Get your rewards here!
New Affiliates: Big Picture ! Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 1
Wishing Well: "A choice card of each puzzle corner (01/03/11/13) for everyone." - Dite (One per deck please!)
Bonus Wish: "I wish for cards spelling SPRING because it's SO close!" - melissa & Victoria (One per deck please! Does not have to start with the letter!) Bonus Wish: "I wish for a Hyrule Warriors deck to be released" - Mousey

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

Question of the Week: My sister recently loaned me 10 seasons of Friends and I've been watching it while working on Mint! What series have you been watching lately? If you answer, you may take 25 Coins.

Another big deck release! I didn't get as much done this week because of work, sorry guys! Thank god for Samichan, Jessica and Mysti who are the new forum staff! I was seriously having trouble keeping up with forum contributions, so I am eternally greatful to you guys!

- Birthday rewards for March babies are up!
- If you've submitted a member card form and haven't received your card, please resend the form! I may have missed it! Sorry! - I've set up a twitter account just keep you guys up to date with small things that I do during the week, you can find it here!
on 14th March
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