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... - 30th March

New Members: elyse, gwiboon, amichama ... Welcome!
Quit: Victoria - Sorry to see you go! :C
Level Ups: Maggie, Sirina (2), Chiisai, Styx, Mysti, Vanja, Dohma (3)
Masteries: Rizu (liricamente, spgreen, spwhite, sporange), Jessica (epidemic), Vanja (hydeland, inquisition), Samichan (epidemic, wretched), Mysti (cerberus), Dite (westward), Sarah (bloodlust, babylon, blancetnoir, neighbour, livingweapon), Hotaru (angel, bloodlust), Rahenna (dusksky, psypher, covenant), xxing (paradise), Dohma (tearsofblood), Styx (labyrinthia, shadows)
Referrals: lala - Get your rewards here!
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 1
Wishing Well: "A card of each number 05/10/15/20." - Dite (1 special allowed)
Bonus Wish: "I'd like to wish for two extra deck pulls from an update!" - Sarah Bonus Wish: "I wish for cards spelling BLOSSOMS because finally all the trees and flowers are blooming! ;u;" - Ash (One per deck please! Does not have to start with the letter! No more than 1 Special Card.) Extra Bonus Wish: "I wish for everyone to get one set of each available currency: 10 coins, 25 coins, and 50 coins." - Styx

New Decks: You may take a total of 5 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

I apologise for the late update! *insert many excuses here*
I'm currently working on a new layout, but don't get too excited! It's really just to make the content area wider because I felt it was too narrow for some things (especially the updates :P), so it wont be too special.
I'm behind in a few things but I have the next few days off, plus easter long weekend so I hope to catch up then and get ahead in deck-making!

- I've set up a twitter account just keep you guys up to date with small things that I do during the week, you can find it here!
on 30th March
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