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Happy Easter! - 05th April

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'll be adding anyone who has joined and not posted their cards/updated in a month to the hiatus list. You can reactivate your account through the member panel when you return.

New Members: Melanie, Usio, Adelicya ... Welcome!
Quit: - Sorry to see you go! :C
Level Ups: Liz, Lala (2), Evey, Dite, Aku (3), Mysti, Renako, Samichan, Kearin (4)
Masteries: melissa (fakelove, paradise, maison, dusksky, psypher), Jessica (blancetnoir, persocom, spblue), Ajisaitea (northernkingdoms), Gosia (westward), Samichan (tearsofblood, fantasia), Aku (evoke), Hotaru (babylon, dreams, spwhite, thief, spgray), Kearin (leaders, moondream, tearsofblood, wretched), xxing (alchemy, bravely, soulreaper, blancetnoir), Mysti (midgard, chibiterasu, labyrinthia), Renako (shadows, memorial, inquisition, neighbor, leaders, diversity), Mousey (bravely, babylon, awakening, hawks, neotokyo), Styx (chibiterasu), Vaini (thief), Dite (vaulthunter, cerberus), Dohma (epidemic, genesis), Chiisai (fakelove, soulreaper, void), Evey (paradise)
Referrals: Rahenna - Get your rewards here!
Affiliates: Rockin' Nippon and Loop!
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 2

Wishing Well: "I wish for double deck pulls for everyone!" - Rayna (This week you make take a total of 10 Cards from the Deck Release, instead of 5!)

Bonus Wish: "I wish for cards spelling 'Happy Easter'" - Hotaru (1 card per deck, does not have to start with the letter. No more than 1 special card.)

Bonus Wish: "I wish for Choice cards spelling out "RAKUZAN" because of my new obsession with the team after watching more recent episodes of Kuroko no Basuke." - Cami (1 card per deck, does not have to start with the letter. No more than 1 special card.)

Member of the Week:

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Please note: Only members with member cards are eligible for MotW!
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New Decks: You may take a total of 10 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

Happy Easter guys! I hope you all had some lovely time off like I did!
First things first. New layout is up, it's nothing special but I wanted a slightly wider content area. If you notice anything that doesn't look quite right with it, feel free to post an error report over at the Forums

Next, please don't hurt me for this one. I made a post on twitter a few weeks ago about levels being earned with card counts. I realised recently that this is a pain in the butt for people who use eTCG, since it would count EVERY entry as a card (currency, member cards etc). SO from now on, we will be going by card worth, instead. The level up requirements have not changed otherwise.

I think that's all for this week! We still need more entries for the current Theme Decks - so get in while you can!

on 05th April
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