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Slightly early~ - 11th April

New Members: Roax ... Welcome!
Level Ups: Lex, triptych, Cami, cola, Cici (2), Ash, melissa, Vaini, vermillion, Gosia (3), xxing, Rizu, Styx, Vanja, Dohma, Sarah, momo, Ajisaitea, Hotaru, melissa (4), Rizu, Kearin, Jessica (5) ... Congratulations!
Masteries: Mysti (wardens, soulreaper), momo (platinum, spsummer, furies, fullmoon, uzumaki, alchemy), Ajisaitea (ruin, moondream, castle, thief, neighbor), Jessica (exorcist, fantasia, livingweapon, spred, spgray, paradise, wardens, castle, evoke, soul, fullmoon), Vanja (melancholy, innocentsin, termina, amaterasu, shadows, spgreen), Renako (blancetnoir, spprejoin, breavely, darkness), Rahenna (tearsofblood), Vaini (soul, cantha), Kearin (angel, maison, uzumaki, memorial, sixstars, spgreen), vermillion (bravely, tearsofblood), xxing (blancetnoir, magica, spsummer, memorial, reveria, utopia, dreams), Gosia (exorcist), Sarah (alchemy, melancholy, fantasia, persocom), triptych (cantha), Dohma (castle, hydeland, soul), Samichan (spsummer, sppink, fakelove, soulreaper), Hotaru (fullmoon, paradise, spred), Rizu (bellliberty, demonkingdom, kemonomimi, paradise, battledoll, roseprincess, phantomthief, spsummer, sixstars), Dite (sppink, requiem), Lex (psypher), melissa (rainbownotes, castle), Styx (alchemy, melancholy, dreams), kibumie (alchemy), Ash (arborea)
Referrals: Vanja (1)- Get your rewards here!
Affiliates: None this week :C
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 1

Wishing Well: "I wish for all to have a choice #20 card. Since my sister going to be that age this month." - Mina

Bonus Wish: "I wish for the fruits basket deck to be released." - Kearin

Bonus Wish: "I would like for everyone to receive choice cards spelling CAREER, since I'm searching for a job now." - Adelicya

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New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

Hey guys! We've finally reached 100 decks! Thanks to everyone who donated images <3
Not much to say for this update otherwise, so have a great week!

We still need more entries for the current Theme Decks - so get in while you can!

on 11th April
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