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RIP Computer - 17th April

Nevermind, false alarm! What I thought was the death of my computer turned out to be a broken power lead, thanks to the investigative powers of my father. Updates will be posted as usual on Sat/sun :)

In celebration of the non-death of my computer you may all take choice cards spelling "THANKS DAD" !
(No more than one per deck, does not have to start with the letter)
Don't forget to comment what you take!

Update: Thanks guys <3 Yeah, I was lucky it wasn't my mobo! I'm still gonna talk to my brother this weekend about building a new computer, it's about time :P

It ended up that my PSU DID die, I just misinterpreted the message he sent me while I was at work. I'm using a crappy old dell PSU for the moment, not sure if it can handle anything too extreme, but it -should- be good enough to get me through updates. Either way, it's time to back-up everything important before I try to blow this one up :P

Don't forget to take those free cards :D
on 17th April
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