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All good! - 19th April

Level Ups: Rayna, Adelicya, Roax (2), Maggie, triptych, Lala, Cici, Liz (3) Rahenna, Dite (4), xxing, Samichan, Hotaru, Renako, Vanja, Ajisaitea (5), Jessica (6)... Congratulations!
Masteries: Vanja (evoke, vaulthunter, westward, chibiterasu, darkness, spgray), xxing (shadows, evoke, soul), Renako (battledoll, ), Jessica (shadows, thief, hyrule, dreams, inquisition, midgard, platinum, spyellow), Samichan (spwhite, babylon, liricamente, sppurple, spblack), momo (neighbor, yokai), Mysti (spblue, evoke, vaulthunter, melancholy, eorzea, justice), Gosia (uzumaki, leaders, persocom, amaterasu, arborea, alchemy, celestialmaiden), Hotaru (platinum, sppreajoin, battledoll, celestialmaiden, demonkingdom, sixstars, marmalade), triptych (journey, liricamente, arborea), Maggie (northernkingdoms, inquisition, tyria, cantha, mononofu, wretched), Roax (supernatural, exiled, psypher), Styx (evoke), Sarah (platinum, mononofu), Rahenna (angel), ets (eorzea), vermillion (bladechildren, awakening,), Rayna (blancetnoir, ghoul, labyrinthia, innocentsin, evoke, awakening), Kearin (celestialmaiden), Cici (utopia, requiem), Ajisaitea (reveria, magica, void, babylon), melissa (labyrinthia)

Affiliates: Japanimation - (Use Eremis as your referral if you join!)
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 2

Wishing Well: "I wish for a double donations month in May!" - Mousey (This will be for Deck images only!)

Bonus Wish: "I'd love if you could release the Gakuen Heaven 2 deck!" - Rahenna

Bonus Wish: "I wish for cards that spell "FINALS" since they are coming up in a couple of weeks." - Dite (No more than one per deck, and 1 special. Does not have to begin with the letter!)

Member of the Week:

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New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

Whew, so that computer scare ending up turning out okay, for now. Everything is backed up now in case of future problems, and I intend on building a new computer in the next few weeks :3

Since our router broke at the same time (hell of a coincidence, but the power did go out that day) I'm using an old router so I'm downloading like 10x slower than usual, which makes it a little difficult to download donations/upload things etc. So I might be a little slower than usual!

I think thats it for this week! If you haven't already, don't forget to take cards spelling "THANKS DAD", since he's pretty much the reason I have a working computer at the moment xD

- We still need more entries for the current Theme Decks - so get in while you can!
- Next month (May) will be double deck claim/donation month!

on 19th April
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