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Seventy?! - 26th April

New Members: osanity, Wing, Kayori Level Ups: Maia, elyse (2), Drennie, Lex, Cami, Maia, Roax, Eremis (3), Mousey (4), momo, Styx, Sarah (5), Kearin, Hotaru (6)... Congratulations!
Masteries: Sarah (dreams, spwhite, castle, fullmoon, demonkingdom, sixstars), Eremis (tearsofblood), Vanja (hyrule, magica), momo (watergod, roseprincess, unrivaled, spwhite), xxing (labyrinthia, uzumaki, amaterasu, chibiterasu), Roax (awakening, wardens, evangelion, yokai, inquisition) Cici (memorial), Jessica (spprejoin, battledoll, kemonomimi, phantomthief), Styx (termina, unrivaled, detective), Dite (dreams, bloodlust), Evey (tearsofblood, ruin, arborea), Maia (awakening, labyrinthia), Mysti (spspring, inquisition), Rahenna (evoke, innocentsin), Vaini (memoria, chibiterasu), Cami (bloodlust, fakelove), Ralene (memorial, persocom, angel), Lala (memoria), Hotaru (spspring), cola (ghoul), Lex (angel), melissa (labyrinthia, platinum), Drennie (midgard, memorial, alchemy, bloodlust, persocom, uzumaki, blancetnoir), Hotaru (watergod), Kearin (demonkingdom)

Referrals: Sarah (1), Mousey (1)- Get your rewards here!
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 1

Wishing Well: "I wish for choice cards spelling out HOMECOMING because I am finally moving back home after three years of living abroad x.x " - Momo (No more than one per deck, and 1 special. Does not have to begin with the letter!)

Bonus Wish: "I wish for an extra spin on the Prize Wheel!" - Jessica (You may play the Prize Wheel TWICE this week.)

Bonus Wish: "I wish for a set of coins for everyone." - Adelicya (You may take a 10, 25, and 50)

Member of the Week:

Congratulations! Pick up your rewards here!
Please note: Only members with member cards are eligible for MotW!
Get yours here!

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. Don't forget to comment what you take!

Sorry for the slightly late update! I've been feeling pretty under the weather (must be that time of year lol) and just couldn't sit at the computer long enough xD

On the bright side though, we hit 70 members! Yay! :D

- In addition to the wishes, you may take cards spelling ENGAGED, because my sister just got engaged!
- PLEASE do not give me images with large amounts of white space for donations! I do what I can, but in general the white space just doesn't look too nice on the finished product :C Sorry!
- Next month (May) will be double deck claim/donation month!

on 26th April
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