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End of Prejoin :C - 07th March

New Members: Evey, shert, xxing, Victoria, Eren, ets, Gosia, Sirina, Ralene, momo, Styx, Moonie, Dite, Rahenna, jordyn, melissa, Drennie, MelissaK, Myubi, Maitland, Cassidy, Rayna ... Welcome!
Level Ups: Jessica (LVL2), Chiisai (LVL2), Rizu (LVL2), Mysti (LVL2), Kearin (LVL2), Mousey (LVL2), Renako (LVL2) ... Grats!
Masteries: Rizu (supernatural, void, neotokyo, dusksky), Chiisai (fantasia), Kearin (ghoul, westward), Mysti (diversity), Jessica (bloodlust, rainbownotes), Maggie (labyrinthia), Mousey (ideon)
Referrals: Sumie (1), Mysti (1), Jessica (1), Lethe (1), Chiisai (1), Sarah (5), Mousey (1), Evey (1), Rahenna (1), Gosia (1) - Get your rewards here!
Game Updates: Weekly and Biweekly 2
Wishing Well: "Cards spelling out MARCH for everyone!" - Mysti (One per deck please! Does NOT have to start with the letter)
Bonus Wish: "I wish for everyone to receive 3 cards with the number 03 for the month of March since it's the third month." - Kearin (One per deck please!) Bonus Wish: "I wish for the No. 6 deck to be released." - Ajisaitea

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards (not worth), but no more than 1 per deck! If you donated a deck's images, take an extra card from that deck. This includes the special theme decks! Don't forget to comment what you take!

Question of the Week: I recently got back into Guild Wars 2 with some friends! Are you currently playing any games? Which ones? If you answer, you may take 25 Coins.

Big deck release this week, I hope it's not overwhelming! If you've been reading the forums you might have noticed that I changed a few things this week. The requirements for leveling up have been altered, so remember to check them out! I'm also reducing the rewards for donations and the amount you can donate per month, and prejoin is officially over! I feel like I've forgotten something.. I'm sure I'll remember later xD

- If it's your birthday this month, I should have your rewards up sometime during this week.
- I'm a little behind in donations at the moment, I'm trying to set up an automated system for it instead but I'm not having too much luck :C
- Next update will be on Sunday the 15th of March!

on 07th March
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