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Mini Hiatus - 15th May

Hey guys, some of you probably knew this was coming, but Mint is going on Mini Hiatus for a little!

With all this trouble with my computer, I feel like I've let you guys down! I do have my new computer up and running though, but I think I need this hiatus - not just because a lot has been going on, but because there's a bunch of stuff I want to add to Mint. At the moment, it's pretty generic and I would love to make it more enjoyable!

An extra special thanks to my Forum Staff, Jessica, Sami-chan and Mysti who continued to do their jobs even though I was a horrible TCG owner and went AWOL :< You guys are amazing, and I appreciate everything you guys have done! I hope you'll continue to help me when things are all sorted out :3 I would have let you know through the forums first but I couldn't remember my password and couldn't find my password book xD Sorry!

I'll post status updates every now and then so feel free to pop by!
on 15th May
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